Today s drivers dangerous habits

One major way is a potential increase in insurance coverage held by their parents. Reports have indicated that, contrary to popular belief, giving attention to a caller on the other end of the phone is much more distracting than having a conversation with someone who may be riding in the car with you.

A driver will not react in time to save a situation. Because of this many people have started to use a hands-free device. Alcohol and drugs such a marijuana, can interfere with a teens reaction time which could lead to accidents. While these things may actually serve an important and useful function, they are also tasks that should be performed while the car is stopped.

5 Dangerous Driving Habits

Drivers should try to organize themselve and find the time to eat at home or workplace so they can prevent any king of accident while they drive.

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Again, it is risky while entering and exiting roads. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and suffering. Hands- free devices do not stop solve the problem of texting.

Bad habit Essay Examples

Many drivers have turned their driving sessions as the appropriate time to apply makeup and other forms of beautifications Hubpages, In order to synchronize the use of the roads, all these drivers have to be licensed by licensed driving schools which operate under synchronized road rules. Teens drive at accelerated speed and drive faster than all drivers as a whole.

Instead of being eating, puting make up and talking on the cellphone, people should put very carefull attention on the road because the safety of many people depend on it. Listening to calming music may also help keep your attention on the road.

Smoking has been proven to be very dangerous for health. As a consequence, they end up causing accidents which hurt them or others. This can be at dawn, dusk, when foggy or raining heavily. Tragedy sometimes strikes at the At all times therefore, drivers must remember that engaging in other activities like cell phones, eating, putting make up and having myths on how roads should be used are very dangerous as they end up distracting ones attention hence resulting to accidents.

Though anyone can be the victim of an accident, certain behaviors make a driver more likely to be involved in one. This has happened with the introduction of the cell phone which despite enhancing and speeding up communication, cell phone use while driving has resulted to accidents and dangerous experiences on the roads Hubpages, Pull off to a safe spot on the side of the road or to a gas station or rest area and take care of what you need to.

My cousin Daniel, for example, is notorious for eating while driving. Twenty inexperienced drivers used a cell phone to retrieve and send Most drivers, male and female, young and old, have turned or developed the bad habits of leaving the house having not taken breakfast or other meals only to buy it along the way and consume it as they drive Hubpages, The cell phone is use by drivers to send text messages and this is the worst case form of dangerous driving.

Unfortunately, alcohol is only part of the problem.Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers.

Are you putting yourself and your family at risk? Here are some driving practices that increase the likelihood of an accident, and ways to prevent them. Driver’s education teaches you the basics. What you learn over time creates your habits—both good and bad.

I’m not going to lecture you on safe driving skills, but some drivers’ bad habits. Using electronics while driving is only one of the dangerous habits that have become all too common for today's drivers. Continue Reading Categories: automotive, business auto, car insurance, driving safety, family safety, prevention, teen drivers | View all Categories.

call tell them the direction the person is going. what they are doing. make and model of vehicle. and plate number if possible. but under no circumstances are you requred to approach the vehicle. just be safe and use common sense.

Many of today's drivers have dangerous habits The perfect execution of the abilities as a driver to move from one place to another in a car provides safety to every driver and person in. Today’s drivers’ dangerous habits Custom Essay Paper Financial Investing Custom Essay Paper Assistance Watch a video and answer the following questions: Each answer should be 3 .

Today s drivers dangerous habits
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