An overview of the three most popular arguments for the existence of god

For instance, the universe may be thought of as a living organism, in which case the universe would have been created by reproduction rather than by design. Thomas Summa Theologica I: The actual existence of God is a prerequisite for the Bible even mattering.

That can only happen, of course, given the existence of some supernatural being. To use our God given intellectual lenses to look into the creator will contribute to our knowledge of God. As stated by St.

The Three Most Popular Arguments For The Existence Of God

If you want to be sure to see each post in my series, please subscribe to my blog via email below! Here it is clearly taught that the phenomenal or contingent world -- the things that are seen -- requires a cause distinct from and greater than itself or any of its elements; that this cause who is God is not unknowable, but is known with certainty not only to exist but to possess in Himself, in a higher degree, whatever beauty, strength, or other perfections are realized in His works, that this conclusion is attainable by the right exercise of human reason, without reference to supernatural revelation, and that philosophers, therefore, who are able to interpret the world philosophically, are inexcusable for their ignorance of the true God, their failure, it is implied, being due rather to lack of good will than to the incapacity of the human mind.


The fact that contingent beings exist, i. Thomas, while denying the fact, admitted the possibility of its being so. Narrowing down to an infinite being, the only thing that can explain the motion is an infinite being meaning God which is neither a body nor a force in the body.

Anselms argument maintains that God, defined as the greatest being that can be conceived, must exist, since a being that does not exist would by virtue of that fact lack an attribute that contributes to its greatness.

For those things which are the greatest truths are the greatest beings, as is stated in Metaphysics Bk. It is in our interests to believe in God, the argument suggests, and it is therefore rational for us to do so.

But even with that added information, you will have to do amazing things to beat the 87 billion to one odds against you getting the entire sequence exactly correct! To mention a third form of statement, Leibniz would put the argument thus: That suggests that God does not apply irrational actions or motives.

This argument is technically valid, provided that the three constituents are accepted, and most critics refuse to accept the first.

Philosophy of Religion

Many atheists have used science as a way to disapprove the existence of God. It is not the proofs that are found to be fallacious but the criticism which rejects them.

That means that, even without ANY current scientific documentation, we can confidently say that the Flood of Noah actually occurred.The Three Most Popular Arguments For The Existence Of God The Ontological Argument One of the most important attempts to demonstrate the existence of God is the ontological argument of Saint Anselm, an 11th-century theologian.

In these arguments they claim to demonstrate that all human experience and action (even the condition of unbelief, itself) is a proof for the existence of God, because God's existence is the necessary condition of their intelligibility.

Apr 18,  · Religious topics abound on Listverse and they are frequently the most commented upon. It has been some time since the last one so it seems like the time is ripe for another – and this one is a great one for discussion. Here we present five arguments in favor of the existence of God, and the.

The Existence of God

Arguments for God's Existence Arguments for the existence of God come in many different forms; some draw on history, some on science, some on personal experience, and some on philosophy. The primary focus of this site is the philosophical arguments—the ontological argument, the first cause argument, the argument from design, and the moral.

Arguments for the Existence of God

The 'Best Arguments for God's Existence' Are Actually Terrible. If you think this God-as-the-condition-of-existence argument is rubbish, you need to say why. So if I had to ask Hart three. considers the God to be the most important figure in its religion. God can be defined as a being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions (1).4/4(1).

An overview of the three most popular arguments for the existence of god
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